The Sherrieblossom Icebox Celebrity Makeup Organizer

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The Sherrieblossom Icebox Celebrity brand makeup organizer is a line of luxury acrylic makeup organizers that are not only available online but are also available at Neiman Marus department stores. It is a high quality makeup organizer that is in high demand.

I own one and absolutely love it! It’s not only beautiful to look at but it’s practical as well. I use it for all of my makeup products.

It is owned by several celebrities who are on the Bravo TV series “Real Housewives”. Lisa Vanderpump of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is the latest owner of this amazing makeup organizer. She loved it so much she bought two!

The Icebox Collection is handmade and is made of the highest quality Lucite acrylic! There are many sizes and styles to choose from including the Icebox Wide, the Skinny Mini and the newest addition Little London. You can see all of the beautiful styles here!


Here are some testimonials from Happy Customers!

“There are so many makeup boxes out there right now and I had a hard time choosing the one that would be perfect for me. I ended up ordering the Icebox from Sherrieblossom and I am so happy that I did! It looks absolutely gorgeous in my bathroom and fits all my makeup perfectly! I honestly don’t know what I would do without it!”

“I am so glad that I splurged on the @sherrieblossom makeup organizer. Not only is it very well built, but its luxurious and holds so much makeup!”

“Absolutely loving my Icebox wide by @sherrieblossom. I’ve seen comments on other Sherrieblossom posts from IG users saying they will find a cheaper version with the same quality. Sorry, not going to happen. The old saying, “you get what you pay for” is spot on here. The quality is top notch and cannot be duplicated by other cheaper brands. I could not be happier! All of my favs perfectly organized!”

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How To Organize Your Makeup With Your New Makeup Organizer

cropped-cropped-shorty-wide-1-e1407364657797.jpgIt’s important to organize your makeup because you will save time and it will be easier for you to find the makeup you use everyday.

A lot of women own a makeup organizer but need some help putting it all together inside the organizer. Here are some great ways to make your life easier with makeup organization.

First. Make sure you have a good quality makeup organizer. The best one that I have found is a clear acrylic makeup organizer that has lots of drawers and inserts so you can separate your makeup into different sections.

Take your makeup out of wherever you have it now. (drawer, or box) and spread it all out on a table in front of you. Now take a good look at what you use the most and start to put each makeup item into a catagory. Lipsticks all together, eye shadows all together, mascara and eyeliners together, etc.

If you just purchased a clear acrylic makeup organizer then put in your inserts and take the makeup items you selected and place them into sections on the first drawer. I put my lipsticks and lipliners in one section, my eyeshadows and eyeliners in the next section, foundation, powder and concealer in one section and then blush and bronzer or face brightener in the next section and so on.

The first and second drawers are the place where I store my most used makeup items. The third and forth drawers are for other items like hair accessories, tweezers and scissors or jewelry. It’s up to you what you feel will work best for you. That is what is so nice about these organizers. You can make it your own and customize it to your liking.

Bonus * While going through everything, this would be a great opportunity for you to throw out old makeup.

Now once you have everything in place, take a step back and look at what you have done! It’s much easier to get to and you have just shaved off about 10 to 15 min of trying to find makeup items from a previous unorganized drawer or box of makeup!

What Makes The Icebox Makeup Organizer Better Than The Rest?


grid inserts sherrie blossomMost women would agree that there’s nothing better than having a beautiful, neat and convenient way to organize your makeup and set it on your counter top. The Sherrieblossom Icebox makeup organizer is the answer to your call! In fact, with this elegant makeup organizer, you’ll have the privilege of keeping a whole lot of beauty products in just one makeup organizer.

No doubt, by having this organizer, you’re going to feel very glamorous, every time you go to your vanity area to apply your makeup, or whenever you feel like pampering yourself.

Truth be told, there are a lot of knockoffs and inferior brands of acrylic makeup organizers on the market; and finding the best product could be a daunting task, especially if you don’t even know the factors that should be taken into consideration.

There are some inferior brands that fail to live up to the customers’ expectations. What’s ironic is that, these brands often pay for celebrity endorsements just to lure people into buying their makeup organizers- it’s something that Sherrieblossom Icebox makeup organizer never did.

As a matter of fact, the Sherrieblossom company is proud to say that a lot of customers consider their makeup organizer as the highest quality, sleekest and sexiest makeup organizer you can have!

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The Sherrieblossom Company is the only company that’s capable of producing their own line of fabulous, acrylic makeup organizers in the US.

Most companies falsely state that their acrylic makeup organizers are made from the US, but the truth is, they’ve just ordered these organizers overseas. Aside from that, there are some who claims that their makeup organizer is made with “Lucite,” but they’re just using a cheap brand of acrylic. Unfortunately, these companies try to “buy” their customers. They hire bloggers that would positively review their products in return of free sample(s).

If you’re looking for a durable makeup organizer, you could easily find one that’s made from moldings. This is considered to be the most affordable type, and you could easily buy one for $150. However, unlike the ICEbOX organizers, these are just simple Tupperware containers and you couldn’t expect much from it.

Then, there’s also a fair share, claiming that their makeup organizers are durable and heavy duty– 3/8 inches thick; some are even as thick as aquariums. Even though the thickness could contribute to the durability of the organizer, this doesn’t mean that it’s better.

In regard to the gluing process, I’m going to be honest with you. Bubbling is a natural occurrence, especially in the gluing process, but the Sherrieblossom company always takes extra measures to ensure that it wouldn’t be very visible.

One of the most important factors in creating a high-quality makeup organizer lies on how the glue is applied. Thus, in order to guarantee that the glue would be applied professionally, ICEbOX hired a set of seasoned fabricators to do the job. Aside from that, the Sherrieblossom company utilizes a proprietary glue to ensure invisible seam. It’s so invisible that you think that your makeup is floating in thin air- that’s how wonderful the ICEbOX makeup organizer is!

Get The Sherrieblossom Icebox Makeup Organizer For Valentines Day!

sherrieblossom icebox makeup organizerWouldn’t you just love to get the Sherrieblossom Icebox makeup organizer as a gift for Valentines Day? What a great gift from your sweetheart or get one for yourself or your best friend!

The Icebox makeup organizer is a high quality, handmade Lucite acrylic makeup organizer that has drawers and is completely clear. It is so clear that it literally makes your cosmetics look like they are floating. There are lots of different styles of the Icebox makeup organizer to choose from. There is the “Icebox Wide”, “The Icebox Skinny” and the newest addition “The Little London”. Those are just a few of the styles and sizes to choose from.

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It is the perfect gift for any makeup lover and is used by many celebrities including the star of the reality show Shahs of Sunset Lily Ghalichi ,Gretchen Rossi of the reality show Real Housewives of Orange County and even Carmen Electra of MTV fame.

I own one myself and cannot stop gushing about how beautiful and convenient it is. I love going over to my vanity in the morning and open up those clear organized drawers and start putting on my makeup. It makes putting on your makeup more glamorous!


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