Get Ready For The New Sherrieblossom Makeup Organizer Styles

Are you excited to see the new Sherrieblossom makeup organizer styles and accessories that are coming soon? I know I can’t wait!
I am so excited to announce the introduction of the new Sherrieblossom collection called “Fun and Fabulous” which will be available soon.

I have heard that it will be a bit more affordable than the current luxury makeup organizer collection and a little smaller than the luxury makeup organizers. So keep checking the website for my updates on the new more affordable collection.
Limited quantity’s will be available on a first come, first serve basis!

Meanwhile, if you are the kind of woman who wants it all and likes the luxury of having a large makeup organizer of the highest quality. I’m sharing this special one time only gift code of $60 Off!

Use code: CustomerCourtesy60. This code is for “Makeup Organizer Online” blog readers, newsletter subscribers and Facebook fans only. The code will expire on July 23rd  so go shopping now!

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The Little London Makeup Organizer Is Perfect For Graduation

little londonWant a great gift idea for the Graduate in your life who loves makeup? The Little London makeup organizer is a perfect gift idea for Graduation! If you want to buy something really special that she can travel with, then the Sherrieblossom Icebox Little London is a great choice.

It has 5 Tiers  and 4 drawers. The drawers are about 2″ high and the lid is 5″ high.

This cute little organizer comes with one set of inserts with pockets and one set of slides.

The dimension of the organizer is 9Lx9Wx13″H so it’s really great in small spaces!

There is a limited inventory on the Little London style and it will be available next week so order yours now and take advantage of Free shipping! No code necessary. Just go to the link below and order the Little London makeup organizer today!


Order the Little London Here!

Shany Makeup Train Cases – Quality Plus Style

nail & makeup case
Color Matters – Nail Accessories Organizer and Makeup Train Case – $50 Shop Here!

The Shany Nail & Makeup Case

These nail and makeup train cases are made to organize your nail polishes and nail tools but you can also use them to store items like lipsticks, eye shadows and other products. The Shany nail & makeup case has two compartments. The first one is divided up into 24 sections. Perfect for your nail polish color collection. The second tier is useful for nail tools and nail art products.

When used for makeup, it can hold individual eye shadows and in the bottom compartment you can put your other items. This case can also be used to store your jewelry. Each case has a faux leather material on the outside and the interior is lined and water resistant. And best of all these cases have stunning colors to choose from including Violet Dynasty which is shown in the picture but the colors are so pretty. There is Sugar Gum, Mars Red, Bird Of Paradise and more.

shany color matters nail case



makeup and cosmetic train case
Fantasy Collection Makeup Artists Cosmetics Train Case – $68 Shop Here!

The Shany Premier Fantasy Collection Makeup and Cosmetic Train Case

These makeup and cosmetic train cases are made of top grade plastic and aluminum materials which are very sturdy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The outside is resistant to heat and is very durable. These train cases also come in cool textured colors like Silver Diamond, Snow White, NY Taxi, Rainforest, and more colors.

They also come in print designs too. These train cases are very durable and multi-functional and are part of the medium sized makeup case collection from Shany. They can be used for many different items like makeup, cosmetics and hair tools. I use them when I go on location. When this case is closed it is 12.5  X 8 X 8 inches and has two locks. The inside has three trays that measure 8.5 X 6 X 1 and has a mirror, a brush holder, shoulder strap (which really comes in handy), two keys, and a 13 X 8 X 4.25 section at the bottom. The trays have a thin lining for spilled makeup and cosmetics.
shany fantasy makeup train case




makeup and cosmetic train case
Fantasy Collection Makeup Artists Cosmetics Train Case – $68 Zebra Shop Here!

The Shany Premier Fantasy Collection – Animal Prints

This is the same makeup train case as above but it needs it’s own review because you have to see how amazing the animal prints are and the durability and functionality of these cases. I use them myself and cannot believe the quality and convenience that come from using these cases.

There are several colors available but my favorites are the Zebra print and the Leopard print. They do come in other colors and textures but the animal prints are so nice!  They are all made of ABS plastic and Grade A aluminum and are heat resistant.






large makeup train case
Large Makeup Train Case with Shoulder Straps & Locks – $50 Shop Here!

The Shany Essential Pro Makeup Train Case

This makeup train case is one of the largest train cases in the Shany collection and has an aluminum exterior and is perfect for storing makeup. When you open this case it has four storage trays that expand and are made of plastic.

This makeup train case comes in lots of different prints and fun colors. The trays are quite large and measure 12.75 X 3.75 X 1.5 and the case comes with eight plastic sections so that you can organize all of your cosmetics and tools. The section at the bottom is large enough to store hair styling items if needed. It comes with a handy shoulder strap and has two locks. It comes in lots of colors and prints and like all Shany cases it has the Shany train case warranty.

shany essential pro makeup train case


Get Organized With A Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer

makeup organizer sherrieblossomHappy New Year to makeup lovers around the world!  It’s a new year and what better time than now to get your life organized?

One great way to get things in order is to organize your vanity area and get a clear acrylic makeup organizer. Put all of your cosmetics, makeup, and jewelry in one beautiful clear acrylic organizer.

There are lots of different styles and sizes to choose from and my favorite is the Sherrieblossom Icebox makeup organizer. Here are some of the more popular styles you can get.

The Icebox skinny, the Icebox Little London, the Icebox Swarovski, and the Icbox Stardust. My favorite is the one I own and that is the Sherrieblossom Icebox Wide makeup organizer. It’s a clear acrylic organizer with drawers that has inserts that separates all of my lipsticks, glosses, liners, shadows and more.

It’s like going to organizing heaven! My organizer is the largest style in the Sherrieblossom makeup organizer collection. It has 5 drawers and 6 tiers. The top tier has room to put all of my extra vanity items and has a hinged lid. I love the sleek style and the inserts make it easy to separate eye shadows from lip sticks and I can use it to store all of my products.

Sherrieblossom makeup organizers pride themselves in being the number one celebrity beauty organizer using high quality clear Lucite acrylic materials, handmade in the USA and they ship worldwide!

If you want to own one of these amazing makeup organizers, take a look at the collection here!