Icebox Makeup Organizer Shorty Wide – Perfect For Small Spaces

Sherrieblossom Icebox Shorty WideThis is a smaller version of the beautiful Icebox makeup organizer from Sherrieblossom. Isn’t it the most adorable acrylic makeup organizer? It’s the Icebox makeup organizer shorty wide and it only stands 10 inches high!

This cute little organizer is perfect for the teenager who is just starting out with her makeup collection, a college student or for people who don’t have a lot of makeup and don’t need a larger makeup organizer.

You can use the icebox makeup organizer shorty wide for lots of different things like makeup products, skincare items, hair accessories, jewelry and even your nail polishes. Many people buy this style of icebox makeup organizer as a gift for teens, mom’s by it for their daughters or they buy them for friends. It’s a great way to teach teens to begin taking care of their makeup.

It is made from the same outstanding quality Lucite acrylic and is handmade just like all of the Sherrieblossom Icebox makeup organizers. It keeps your vanity organized and clean. Not to mention how beautiful your vanity will look.

The icebox makeup organizer shorty wide comes with 4 roomy drawers and 5 tiers. The tier on top comes with a lid to put your taller cosmetics inside and the rest of the tiers are drawers that easily slide out. The handles on this organizer are made so well that you never have to worry about them coming off or being flimsy. If you need more organization they come with removable inserts and you have the option to purchase more inserts if you need to.

The dimensions are: 15Lx12Wx10H

The drawers are 2″ H


Get the Icebox Makeup Organizer Shorty Wide Here!


*Cleaning tip: When you clean your organizer, do not use Windex to clean them because it will cause hairline cracks in the acrylic material. The only cleaner I recommend to use is called Novus and is available to purchase on the Sherrieblossom website.

The Sherrieblossom Icebox Skinny Mini Makeup Organizer

icebox skinny mini
Sherrieblossom Icebox Skinny Mini

Are you limited on space and need a smaller version of the Sherrieblossom Icebox Makeup Organizer? The Icebox skinny mini makeup organizer is really cute and is small enough so you can put it on the top of your vanity or bathroom counter if you have a small space.

It’s versatile and smaller than the icebox wide and is a great size for either a newbie with makeup like a teen or someone who doesn’t have a lot of makeup but likes to keep things tidy with what they already have.

You can use the Icebox skinny mini makeup organizer to put your daily makeup inside, your skincare products, bath products, your daily jewelry and hair accessories.

It can even be used for keeping other items organized such as craft supplies, sewing supplies or even office supplies but it’s mostly used for makeup. It’s perfect for gift giving. Give it as a birthday gift, graduation gift, Mother’s Day, Anniversary gift, Christmas or Hanukkah or for Valentines Day!

The Icebox skinny mini makeup organizer has lots of drawer space and comes with 3 removable and adjustable inserts and there are extra inserts available.

The available inserts are slide inserts and grid inserts.

It has 5 tiers and 4 drawers. The top tier has a lid to protect your cosmetics from dust and dirt.

The dimensions on the Icebox skinny mini are 12Lx12Wx10H inches.

The drawers are 2″ H

The quality of the Icebox skinny mini makeup organizer is outstanding! You wont find better quality. It is made of Lucite acrylic material and is custom made by hand! It is not like other cheaply made organizers you will see and is so beautiful that you will become obsessed!

I personally own the Icebox Wide because I have a ton of makeup and skincare but for someone that doesn’t have as much product this makeup organizer is the one you want to get.

Go here to get your Sherrieblossm Icebox Makeup Organizer!


The Little London Icebox Makeup Organizer

little london icebox makeup organizerThere is a new organizer called the “Little London Icebox Makeup Organizer” that has been added to the beautiful collection of Sherrieblossom Icebox Makeup organizers.

It’s a compact design to fit any small space and it’s oh so cute!! It’s made for the woman who doesn’t have a lot of counter space but loves the clear acrylic makeup organizer.

You will love the look, quality and convenience that the Little London Icebox makeup organizer has to offer.

It is a sleek design that is very contemporary with the same clear drawers that look as if your makeup is floating in the air that the Icebox acrylic makeup organizer is famous for!

It blends perfectly with any room design and the best thing about it is you can get rid of all the clutter in your beauty area.

It’s the perfect size for small and large makeup items. You don’t have to use if for makeup only, you can also use it for bath items, skincare products, crafts and sewing and jewelry.

Order Your Sherrieblossom Little London Icebox Makeup Organizer Here!

Order the “Little London Icebox Makeup Organizer” now so that you can get it before Christmas. You can also order them for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and for Valentines Day! If you place an order now. It is only available for a limited time.

Update: These are selling fast! If you get to the site and you see that they are back ordered, you will find an alternative to the Little London called the Icebox Skinny Mini.

The Icebox Acrylic Makeup Organizer comes with 5 Tiers and 4 clear drawers

The dimensions are 9Lx9Wx13″H

Drawers are approx 2″H which is perfect for lipsticks, foundation, powders, lip glosses, liners, eye makeup and even your tweezers, nail tools, hair accessories and jewelry.

The lid closes and is approx 5″ height

You will get:

1 set of grid inserts with 4 pockets and

1 set of slides

Go to now to see what it’s all about!

Kardashian Makeup Organizer As Seen On “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

Kardashian makeup organizerThere are several different forms of the Kardashian makeup organizer.  I’m sure that most of you have already done some research on Google by now and have seen them on different websites and online stores.

Okay, so we have all seen it and we all want it, now how do we get the Kardashian makeup organizer?

I have the Sherrieblossom Icebox version of this makeup organizer. I love it and prefer it over any other version. I store all of my makeup in the drawers and keep it on top of my vanity which makes it so much easier to get to what I need and fast.

It’s high quality and is very spacious, and this makeup organizer even has a really cool X insert inside the top lid! It is handmade with high quality Lucite and has clear drawers that slide out very smoothly. It makes organizing your makeup super easy and it looks beautiful. I personally own and like this one.

To get the Icebox Makeup Organizer click here!

With that said there are alternative versions of the Kardashian makeup organizer that are not as high quality but can serve the same purpose. They may not last as long as the Icebox makeup organizer version but they will hold your makeup.

Keep in mind that the cheaper versions are flimsy and can get cracks in the drawers much easier because they are made of cheaper materials. If you are on a budget, you can try the cheaper versions and they are about half the price but the Icebox makeup organizer is the best investment and will last forever if you take good care of it.

If you are looking for a good makeup brush organizer to compliment your new Kardashian makeup organizer then I recommend the flower brush holder. Check it out in the store on this site. It’s small enough to fit on top of or beside your organizer and with it being so small you will be surprised that it holds several makeup brushes.