Different Types Of Makeup Organizers

There are many different types of makeup organizers. There are makeup organizers that fit inside a drawer, clear counter top  makeup organizers, clear makeup organizers with drawers and many others.  If you prefer the drawer concept but still want to see it sitting on your counter, they do make clear plastic and acrylic drawer sets, either in tower form or two by six layout. It’s a great way to get everything in one place so that you can find it and this way you have everything protected from bathroom contaminants and dust but, still  in plain site so you can see your shadows,  lipsticks or blush.

There is also the makeup train case which is a case that has many different trays and compartments so that you can store all of your makeup while on the go. It’s perfect to take along with you when you are traveling.

You can organize your cosmetics with the spinning cosmetic organizer too. These really come in handy when you need to organize your messy counter top. It’s really nice to have something on your counter top that will spin around so you can find all of your creams, hairspray, vitamins and makeup.

Nobody wants  makeup scattered all over our bathroom or bedroom or stuffed inside a drawer where you can’t find anything . Trying to find things that small can take up too much time and delay your time when getting ready in the morning. You want your makeup to be neatly organized, arranged for quick use and easily found. When you have a makeup organizer your routine will go much more smoothly so you can get to all of the other things you need to do during your morning routine.

Here are some pictures of the different types of makeup organizers to choose from…



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