Get Organized With A Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer

makeup organizer sherrieblossomHappy New Year to makeup lovers around the world!  It’s a new year and what better time than now to get your life organized?

One great way to get things in order is to organize your vanity area and get a clear acrylic makeup organizer. Put all of your cosmetics, makeup, and jewelry in one beautiful clear acrylic organizer.

There are lots of different styles and sizes to choose from and my favorite is the Sherrieblossom Icebox makeup organizer. Here are some of the more popular styles you can get.

The Icebox skinny, the Icebox Little London, the Icebox Swarovski, and the Icbox Stardust. My favorite is the one I own and that is the Sherrieblossom Icebox Wide makeup organizer. It’s a clear acrylic organizer with drawers that has inserts that separates all of my lipsticks, glosses, liners, shadows and more.

It’s like going to organizing heaven! My organizer is the largest style in the Sherrieblossom makeup organizer collection. It has 5 drawers and 6 tiers. The top tier has room to put all of my extra vanity items and has a hinged lid. I love the sleek style and the inserts make it easy to separate eye shadows from lip sticks and I can use it to store all of my products.

Sherrieblossom makeup organizers pride themselves in being the number one celebrity beauty organizer using high quality clear Lucite acrylic materials, handmade in the USA and they ship worldwide!

If you want to own one of these amazing makeup organizers, take a look at the collection here!



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