Get Ready For The New Sherrieblossom Makeup Organizer Styles

Are you excited to see the new Sherrieblossom makeup organizer styles and accessories that are coming soon? I know I can’t wait!
I am so excited to announce the introduction of the new Sherrieblossom collection called “Fun and Fabulous” which will be available soon.

I have heard that it will be a bit more affordable than the current luxury makeup organizer collection and a little smaller than the luxury makeup organizers. So keep checking the website for my updates on the new more affordable collection.
Limited quantity’s will be available on a first come, first serve basis!

Meanwhile, if you are the kind of woman who wants it all and likes the luxury of having a large makeup organizer of the highest quality. I’m sharing this special one time only gift code of $60 Off!

Use code: CustomerCourtesy60. This code is for “Makeup Organizer Online” blog readers, newsletter subscribers and Facebook fans only. The code will expire on July 23rd  so go shopping now!

Go here to get $60 off the Sherrieblossom Icebox Makeup Organizer Now!



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