Icebox Makeup Organizer Shorty Wide – Perfect For Small Spaces

Sherrieblossom Icebox Shorty WideThis is a smaller version of the beautiful Icebox makeup organizer from Sherrieblossom. Isn’t it the most adorable acrylic makeup organizer? It’s the Icebox makeup organizer shorty wide and it only stands 10 inches high!

This cute little organizer is perfect for the teenager who is just starting out with her makeup collection, a college student or for people who don’t have a lot of makeup and don’t need a larger makeup organizer.

You can use the icebox makeup organizer shorty wide for lots of different things like makeup products, skincare items, hair accessories, jewelry and even your nail polishes. Many people buy this style of icebox makeup organizer as a gift for teens, mom’s by it for their daughters or they buy them for friends. It’s a great way to teach teens to begin taking care of their makeup.

It is made from the same outstanding quality Lucite acrylic and is handmade just like all of the Sherrieblossom Icebox makeup organizers. It keeps your vanity organized and clean. Not to mention how beautiful your vanity will look.

The icebox makeup organizer shorty wide comes with 4 roomy drawers and 5 tiers. The tier on top comes with a lid to put your taller cosmetics inside and the rest of the tiers are drawers that easily slide out. The handles on this organizer are made so well that you never have to worry about them coming off or being flimsy. If you need more organization they come with removable inserts and you have the option to purchase more inserts if you need to.

The dimensions are: 15Lx12Wx10H

The drawers are 2″ H


Get the Icebox Makeup Organizer Shorty Wide Here!


*Cleaning tip: When you clean your organizer, do not use Windex to clean them because it will cause hairline cracks in the acrylic material. The only cleaner I recommend to use is called Novus and is available to purchase on the Sherrieblossom website.

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