Mary Jane Travel Make Up Bags For All Of Your Makeup

Mary Jane stylish makeup bag

Mary Jane Makeup bags come in large or small styles, they have zipper closures to keep dust out, and are well organized for quick use and so you can easily find your cosmetics.

You can get larger sizes to hold all your makeup or smaller sizes specifically just for lipstick or for your touch up makeup.

Get this stylish makeup bag here!

You can also get other sizes and styles of  makeup bags that are great for travel and will carry all different sizes and shapes of makeup, medicine bottles, brushes, styling products and more. The price is just $13.00!

When you head out this weekend for a trip to Vegas or go on a long vacation to Europe. Wherever you go, this Mary Jane makeup bag will keep your makeup organized and ready for the day’s adventure.

There are lots of cool prints to choose from on these Mary Jane travel bags. They are made of synthetic material and this particular style has piping detail on the design and has lots of roomy  storage features. A zip-around zipper style lets you open the bag and lay it flat on a counter top.

Inside these makeup bags you’ll find zip pockets on either wall with transparent exteriors for easy-to-see convenience. Now you can separate your makeup from your personal care items and tote them all in one pretty bag.

And cleaning up spills or just general cleaning of these bags is very easy. All you have to do is wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

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