Makeup Organizer With Drawers – A Clear Solution For Makeup Storage

makeup organizer with drawers

The Makeup Organizer With Drawers

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A Makeup organizer with drawers is the best option when you want to organize your makeup. Preferably you will want a makeup organizer that is clear and looks pretty on your vanity. Having a makeup organizer is convenient because you can just pull open a drawer and find exactly what you want without having to go through a big mess of lots of different makeup and cosmetic products.

Here is a good way to organize your makeup. After you get your new organizer categorize you makeup. Here is what I do.  I have one drawer for my mineral makeup or powders. Then I have another drawer for my eye shadows, one for my lipsticks and glosses, one for my makeup brushes and then finally I have one for my tweezers, scissors, nail clippers or whatever I want.  Having the drawers is really great because they are clear and by having clear drawers, it’s so much easier to see everything.

This is one of my favorite makeup organizer with drawers. It’s really meant to be a jewelry organizer but I use it for makeup, it’s perfect for makeup storage!! It has several drawers,  it’s clear and it looks clean and pretty on tip of  my vanity. There is felt on the bottom of each drawer so it works really well to keep your makeup in place. That’s a great feature because your makeup will not roll all over the drawer.  And the price is great too! It’s only $119.00

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