The Modular Acrylic Makeup Organizer

modular acrylic makeup organizerWhat a great idea to organize your makeup! Clear modular acrylic makeup organizers that you can customize yourself!

You can buy the drawers and sections separately and put them together in a way that works best for your space.

These modular acrylic makeup organizers stack together vertically. You can also put them next to each other or put one on one side of your vanity and another on the other side.

Unlike some of the more expensive acrylic organizers, you can fully customize these yourself! Make them as small or as large as you like.

They are totally clear, high quality,  beautifully modern and sleek looking and will go with any type of decor.

Use them to store your makeup, your cosmetics, makeup brushes, nail polish or even your jewelry. These modular acrylic makeup organizers are a great choice when you are in need of more storage for your collection.


  • The modular design allows you to stack them on top of each other or side by side.
  • The drawers have clear handles.
  • The sections stay secure and will not move once they are in place.

One thing that I love about these modular acrylic makeup organizers is that you can add as you go. So if you have a small collection, you don’t have to have a large organizer. You can start with just a few drawers and add more later.

They stack beautifully and have no problems opening and closing. You can use these modular acrylic makeup organizers to organize anything. Makeup, hair brushes and combs, jewelry, makeup brushes, small kitchen gadgets, sewing supplies, craft supplies, office supplies and more.

These organizers will keep your cosmetics dirt and dust free and will protect them.

modular acrylic makeup organizer You can store it all in one place!

luxe modular makeup organizers

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Acrylic Makeup Organizer with Drawers

Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer with 2 DrawersThe Perfect Place For Everyday Makeup

Do you need a place to store your everyday makeup and your jewelry? This is a really cute and elegant looking acrylic makeup organizer with drawers that has storage for your cosmetics, nail polishes, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. It’s small enough to put next to your bathroom sink or on the vanity and will not take up too much room. The dimensions are 9.5″ x 5.25″ x 7.25″  so it would be a great place to store all of your everyday makeup items and jewelry if you have a small space and just need it for a few items.

And it’s a great price too, only $30.00 – Get it at the makeup organizer store!

The top of this acrylic makeup organizer with drawers has places for your lipstick, nail polish, liners, and an eyeshadow or blush compact. You could even use it for your cotton balls or q-tips too.  If you don’t have a lot of makeup or if you are just starting out with applying makeup this organizer will be perfect for you.

The compartments on top are not that deep and are small so you wouldn’t be able to fit your makeup brushes or larger compacts in them but the drawers are perfect to use for more makeup if you wish or you can put your jewelry in them. The drawers have black velvet lining which really makes what you have inside stand out and it adds some class.

This acrylic makeup organizer with drawers comes in two parts. The top is the makeup piece and the bottom is the drawer piece and it’s clear which is nice because it will go with everything else on your bathroom sink or vanity and you can see what is inside.



If you need more room for more makeup or need a larger acrylic makeup organizer with drawers, I suggest checking out the “Kardashian makeup organizer” or the “Sherrieblossom Icebox makeup organizer

Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer Tower With Drawers

The Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer Tower

Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer Tower with drawers

Are you looking for a great way to store your cosmetics without using up too much counter space? Find exactly what you are looking for in an instant! This acrylic cosmetic organizer tower is perfect for storing your cosmetics. Here is an example of what you can put inside…

Lip glosses, eye shadows, q tips, makeup rounds, mascara, false eyelashes,  foundation, round makeup and powder pots, tweezers and more.

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But what is extra cool is you can put your cosmetics in most of the tower and then if you have a drawer or two left, use it for your hair ties, or your daily jewelry.

This acrylic cosmetic organizer tower is really very nice because you can put it on the counter top and all of the extra stuff you had that cluttered your counter top before,  is now in a neat place where you can access it easily.

There are 10 clear drawers with this cosmetic organizer, so there are plenty of drawers for the makeup and cosmetics that you use everyday. The price is so good that you could buy a few of them!

Here is another great idea…You can use this cosmetic organizer for cosmetics of course, but it is also great for storing other items too.

  •  Use one for your cosmetics and then buy one for your crafts. Put all of your scrap booking items inside!
  • Use it for your sewing stuff
  • You could get one for your son for his model car or airplane project and he can store all of his model paints inside.
  • Buy one for your teenage daughter and she can put all of her hair ties and barrettes inside.
  • You could get one for your husband so he can put it in the garage and organize all of his nails and screws!
  • Use it in the kitchen for little kitchen gadgets like wine bottle tops and chip clips.
  • Great for jewelry or small accessories too!

And it’s at an affordable price $29.99

Get the acrylic cosmetic organizer tower right here!