Large 7-drawer Acrylic Makeup Organizer

acrylic makeup organizer
Acrylic Makeup Organizer With 7 drawers – $79.99

The acrylic makeup organizer is a perfect place to store your everyday jewelry, but it can also be used to store many other items such as your cosmetics and you can put small hair accessories inside as well.

This attractive acrylic makeup organizer with drawers is made of high quality thick material and it looks very nice on your dresser or vanity. It has 7 drawers and extra room for all of your items. You can easily see everything because it is clear and the drawers slide in and out with ease and they are not hard to open or close.

The liners are made of black foam and you can remove them and are a nice feature because then your products won’t slide all around.  You can use it for jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, small craft or sewing items or even little office supplies.

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I purchased this for my makeup and it works perfectly. It holds my eye shadows , eye liners, lip colors, and my lip liner and eye liners too. I also put some of my cosmetic brushes inside. I can see completely through it and love that it’s compact too.

It is very well made and it’s heavy duty. I use it to store most of my cosmetics and it matches my bathroom perfectly. This can also be used as a jewelry chest and is beautiful from all angles and it is easy to see all of your items. If you want an even better view, you can remove the black inserts.

The best place for this organizer is on top of your vanity because then it will be at eye level. Having all of the drawers is nice too because if you want to, you can put some jewelry on the first few drawers and then use the rest for a few makeup and cosmetic items.

  • Organizes your jewelry and your makeup too.
  • It’s a beautiful organizer that fits any decor.
  • It has 7 drawers that slide in and out easily.
  • The liner is removable.
  • Clear acrylic so you can see all the way through.
  • The dimensions are:  12-3/8″L x 6″W x 11″H

Keep in mind that this storage unit is great for smaller items, but if you have a large collection of makeup and cosmetics, you will need a larger organizer.

If you are looking for a larger makeup organizer, here is a great choice!

Why You Need An Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Clear Acrylic Makeup OrganizerAlmost every single woman loves makeup, but not many women think that they need a because they might feel like it’s not really necessary.

Women that do have these acrylic makeup organizers don’t misplace any of their makeup, while women without makeup organizers are much more likely to lose their makeup.

These organizers are a great place to keep your makeup and make it easier for you to have it all right in front of you.

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A good reason why we women like to organize makeup is because of the convenience and the ease in finding our lipstick or eye shadow and you will be able to find it instantly, then you know where everything is placed. And did you know that makeup organizers are also great for extending the life of your makeup? The reason they extend the life of your makeup is that your makeup will stay fresher longer inside a container that is clean and dirt free. Another benefit is that it helps keep the dust off of your makeup.

One of the many benefits that you will receive when you have an organizer for your makeup is the fact that if you’re always in a hurry, you will be able to access it quickly. If you don’t have the time to do your makeup at home, then you will obviously bring it with you, and then you can use a makeup bag, but without an organizer, you will not be able to find the makeup you transfer into the makeup bag to bring with you. With an organizer, you will be able to organize it all and the best part is the fact that they don’t cost that much.

What Is The Cost Of Acrylic Makeup Organizers?

The cost of these acrylic makeup organizers are varied due to their style, the size, how many drawers and quality. The prices are from $99.00 to $400.  If you want to save some cash and also be able to purchase a quality organizer for your makeup, then you should really consider buying a high quality Lucite acrylic organizer because you can always find a great price but the quality may be compromised. Just make sure that you read the reviews on this website first before you buy one so that you can find out if it’s durable and has lots of space for your makeup.

So basically, if you want to organize your makeup and make it easier on you when you are getting ready every day, then you should definitely buy yourself a makeup organizer. With an organizer, you will be able to apply your makeup faster and easier since you know where everything is placed, and that will save you precious time.

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Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizers For Your Counter Top



Sherrieblossom Icebox Makeup OrganizerHaving a place to put all of your makeup and cosmetics can be a real life saver, especially when you are in a hurry!

Don’t you agree that it’s much easier to find your makeup when its well organized? It makes it so much easier to find your everyday makeup with clear acrylic makeup organizers and saves you time when you are getting ready for work.

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And, it’s great to have a large makeup organizer that has drawers because it’s a neat and tidy place to store it all. The great thing about this type of makeup organizer is that you will be able to see where all of your makeup is as you apply your makeup.

Did you know that clear acrylic makeup organizers are not only perfect to store your makeup but, they are also a great place to store your jewelry, other cosmetics, and hair accessories. To maximize your organization you can purchase two 3-drawer clear acrylic organizers to put on either side of each other or you can buy an extra large one with several drawers.

If you purchase two, one you can use to hold your eye shadows, blushes, mascara,lip gloss, lip stick, foundation, face powder, eyeliners and the other organizer to hold hair clips, hair bands, watches / bracelets and other miscellaneous things that end up on your dresser. I even put my floss, cotton balls and q-tips inside.

You can also use these organizers for storing other items not related to makeup or cosmetics. You can use them to store your scrap booking supplies, sewing items, office supplies, storage for small kitchen gadgets, hair accessories, jewelry, jewelry making supplies, other craft supplies and even for small tools and nails.


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