The Little London Icebox Makeup Organizer

little london icebox makeup organizerThere is a new organizer called the “Little London Icebox Makeup Organizer” that has been added to the beautiful collection of Sherrieblossom Icebox Makeup organizers.

It’s a compact design to fit any small space and it’s oh so cute!! It’s made for the woman who doesn’t have a lot of counter space but loves the clear acrylic makeup organizer.

You will love the look, quality and convenience that the Little London Icebox makeup organizer has to offer.

It is a sleek design that is very contemporary with the same clear drawers that look as if your makeup is floating in the air that the Icebox acrylic makeup organizer is famous for!

It blends perfectly with any room design and the best thing about it is you can get rid of all the clutter in your beauty area.

It’s the perfect size for small and large makeup items. You don’t have to use if for makeup only, you can also use it for bath items, skincare products, crafts and sewing and jewelry.

Order Your Sherrieblossom Little London Icebox Makeup Organizer Here!

Order the “Little London Icebox Makeup Organizer” now so that you can get it before Christmas. You can also order them for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and for Valentines Day! If you place an order now. It is only available for a limited time.

Update: These are selling fast! If you get to the site and you see that they are back ordered, you will find an alternative to the Little London called the Icebox Skinny Mini.

The Icebox Acrylic Makeup Organizer comes with 5 Tiers and 4 clear drawers

The dimensions are 9Lx9Wx13″H

Drawers are approx 2″H which is perfect for lipsticks, foundation, powders, lip glosses, liners, eye makeup and even your tweezers, nail tools, hair accessories and jewelry.

The lid closes and is approx 5″ height

You will get:

1 set of grid inserts with 4 pockets and

1 set of slides

Go to now to see what it’s all about!

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